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โรงเรียนพังโคนวิทยาคม Pangkhonwittayakhom School
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Rugby School Thailand
The Rugby School Thailand Board of Governors share the view of American poet Mark Van Doren, who famously wrote that the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. To facilitate such discovery, Rugby School Thailand has assembled an international team of professional educators, each of which brings knowledge, expertise, commitment and a unique skill set.
And while this welcome video shows that they are perhaps not the most natural movie stars — Founding Headmaster Nigel Westlake was at pains to point out that they are teachers, not actors — their passion for the Rugby philosophy is obvious.
In the welcome video, the teachers introduce the key pillar of Rugby School Thailand — The Whole Person is the Whole Point — but more importantly on the eve of the school’s first student intake, they welcome each pupil and parent to the Rugby School Thailand family — a family which will embark on the journey to discovery together.

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